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Thursday 25th May, 6:30pm

On Thursday 25th May Paul Purnell will be launching his debut novel ‘The Kazak Contract’. Join us in celebrating with drinks at 6:30pm followed by a reading from the novel.  All are welcome.

The Kazak Contract by Paul Purnell

Ex-marine with a dark past, James Ballantyne, is thrown into a dangerous world of gangs, trafficking and Russian oligarchs in this high-octane international thriller.
Court-martialled and dismissed from the marines amid accusations of manslaughter, thirty-year old James Ballantyne’s future looks uncertain —especially after his application to join the Foreign and Colonial office is immediately denied. But when the Kazakhstan desk gives him an unexpected, and lucrative, offer to oversee a commercial contract how could he possibly say no?
Travelling immediately to Kazakhstan for the assignment, he meets his alluring Russian minder, Ocksana Petrova, who is tasked with guiding him through the politics of big business in Central Asia. The sensational buildings, limitless wealth and extravagance astound him. But as events unfold, Ballantyne gets dragged into the darker side of the Ministry’s dealings leading him to an unexpected discovery and to the rescue of a US special agent. Confused over who he can trust, Ballantyne’s life starts to spiral as he is forced to recruit smugglers to get the agent away from Kazakhstan. The escape route is dangerous and it becomes clear they are being monitored every inch of the way. Are his new romantic feelings about Ocksana clouding his judgement and is she the one behind the surveillance? Or has his own team been infiltrated? With ambush and deception at every corner, getting out of Kazakhstan alive will draw upon all of Ballantyne’s military skills, and a lot of luck. But with Ocksana suddenly thrown into danger, Ballantyne needs to decide on whether he should follow his instincts or finish The Kazak Contract.

The Kazak Contract is the first in Paul Purnell’s thriller series starring damaged hero James Ballantyne. A dangerous and fast-paced debut novel this is the perfect next read, and holiday companion, for fans of crime and international thrillers.

About the author: Based in London, Paul Purnell has worked for over forty-years as a Criminal Law barrister. After serving five years stationed in Germany with the British Army, Purnell began his career as a trial lawyer prosecuting and defending in serious criminal cases across the country. Later he was appointed Queen’s Counsel, a role which has seen him engaged in court cases both across the country and to far flung destinations including the Cayman Islands and Kazakhstan. His extensive experience and understanding of the criminal world has provided the inspiration for his short stories and his latest Jack Ballantyne series. When not writing, or in court, he enjoys racing around the country on his motorbike and spending time with his three children and grandchildren. Previous titles include a series of well-received short stories; The Hireling (2015), Scaramouche (2015) and The Storm (2016). The first in the Jack Ballantyne series, The Kazak Contract by Paul Purnell (published by Clink Street Publishing 23rd May 2017 RRP £7.99 paperback RRP £3.99 ebook ) is available to purchase from online retailers including and to order from all good bookstores.

For more information please visit http:// and follow on Twitter @purnell14

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Just So Clapham

Saturday 13th May, 11am-4pm

Contemporary design and craft fair showcasing local makers and artisans.


Joan Eardley: A Private View

Monday 5th June, 7.30pm, Theatre

Joan Eardley was an extraordinary painter who, quite simply, died before she had finished. As an artist she remains unsung. Best known in Scotland where she was not born; rarely heard of in England where she was.

Heroica Theatre Company – with the support of National Galleries Scotland and Stellar Quines Theatre Company – is creating a new journey for Joan Eardley: one which brings her back to new life, and follows her as she makes her way through joys and frustrations, friendships and solitary stretches, disillusionments and disappointments – as well as passions and triumphs.

This interactive promenade piece by Anna Carlisle- directed by Marilyn Imrie and starring Alexandra Mathie – will take you, quite literally, along with ‘Joan’ as she paints, ponders – and pursues her very unusual lifestyle. Meet her ‘children’, her friends and her lovers, hear the sounds of the streets and the Catterline coast and become a living part of her painting day.

The production tour of Joan Eardley: A Private View comes to you through the generous support of Arts Council England, Creative Scotland and random arts giving.

‘Photograph of Joan by Audrey Walker; courtesy of The Scottish Gallery’.


The production of Joan Eardley: A Private View is a promenade performance, and will require people to stand and move around the performance space for approximately 75 minutes. Portable stools will be provided for those who cannot stand for the duration of the performance.

The Young Pretenders Theatre Company present ‘Not Our Turn’ by Katherine Stevens

12th-14th July, 7.30pm, Theatre

The predictions have finally come true; we have killed our planet. Humanity has been forced underground, away from a surface that is no longer inhabitable, and is now running on borrowed time. When the power supply to this new home is cut off, a young group of friends, desperate to save their community, try to turn it back on. They are forced to confront their environment, their inheritance, and each other, and all the while time is running out…

‘Not Our Turn’ is influenced by world events of the last year, and originated from TYP’s young actors’ reactions to last year’s EU Referendum, where they felt keenly the frustration of being unable to vote. Committed to giving young voices big platforms, TYP commissioned an emerging playwright to create the show in collaboration with their company members.”

About The Young Pretenders
Established in January 2015, The Young Pretenders Theatre Company is an award-winning youth theatre based in Exeter. Built in collaboration with its young actors, TYP strives to inspire young people aged 11-18 to pursue a creative future through the teaching and creation of innovative theatre. TYP’s mission is to challenge the misconceptions surrounding the capabilities of young artists, as well as the assumption that youth theatre isn’t a professional form in its own right.