Engine Room is a regular evening at Omnibus where between two and four artists try out 20 to 40 minutes of material. A new opportunity for emerging artists to develop risk-taking work that seeks to open doors and start conversations.

In order to help your idea flourish, we can offer:

– up to three days of free rehearsal space
– dramaturgical support
– technical assistance
– meaningful audience feedback

“Put simply, Melody would not have been possible without Engine Room. The rehearsal space, as well as the opportunity to share a full length work in progress with a friendly audience, is just exactly what we needed to grow the piece and get it off the ground. Engine Room was an incredible experience.”

Jemima Foxtrot on Engine Room

Previous Engine Room artists include: Katie Bonna, Rob Auton and Jemima Foxtrot.

A development opportunity for artists who…

– Create work outside of category boxes
– Combine art forms in attempt to discover new artistic vocabularies
– Want to test out material in order to take their project to the next level of development

If you’ve got an exciting new idea that you want to develop, please email felicity.paterson@omnibus-clapham.org with the following information…

– Name and contact details.
– Tell us about your experience as an artist/your companies experience as artists.
– What is your idea?
– How can taking part in Engine Room help develop your project?