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Who Let the Gods Out?

Tue 4 Apr, 1pm

| £8

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Children’s Author Maz Evans presents a fun-filled family fiasco as she uses the world of WHO LET THE GODS OUT? to introduce Greek Mythology – as you’ve never seen it before.

Packed with giggles and games, this theatre presentation features Maz’s quest to find the King or Queen of the Gods from her willing* and talented* adult audience members. 
The audience will find out who has the brains to become Athene, Goddess of Wisdom in Maz’s Mastermind quiz.
To find Hermes, the Messenger God, competitors must successfully deliver a message to Maz. Simples, yes? Only one little thing – the message has to pass through the audience via Chinese whispers first…
The WHO LET THE GODS OUT? show is entertaining, educational and clinically proven reduce uncomfortable bloating**. Look no further for an epic dose of mythological mayhem.
Book signing at the end of the event. Books also available to purchase.
Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.