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The First Annual Anshu Asthana Memorial Exhibition

Mon 17 Oct - Fri 4 Nov, 10am - 6pm

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“Art is not what you see, but you what you make others see.” Edgar Degas

The First Annual Anshu Asthana Memorial Exhibition celebrates the life of Anshu Asthana and his work to empower people otherwise ignored by mainstream society. Anshu volunteered at St Mungo’s, a charity that helps people recover from the effects of homelessness. With co-volunteer Sarah Bush, Anshu designed two editions of Homeless Diamonds arts magazine before his tragic early death in 2012. In his introduction to Homeless Diamonds 7 in 2008, Anshu wrote:

Famous historical Homeless People: Columbus, Columbo (had a coat that looks like he might have slept rough in it a few times), the American Indians, Aboriginal tribes of Australia, the Nomads of Africa, entire armies of Bedouin, the Mongol empire, fearless entrepreneurs (on their way up) and failed entrepreneurs (on their way down), travelling salesmen when business got rough, manic depressives who reached for the stars and fell short, abused wives and mothers who found the strength to walk away, cynics and idealists with everything left to say.

This exhibition also displays work by people involved with St Mungo’s, produced at their Wellbeing Day over the past few years. The Wellbeing Day helps people who have experienced homelessness through providing holistic healing methods, such as art workshops. Artists in this exhibition include Sarah Dyble, Robert Taggart, Tommy Downie, Michael Gayle, Assiah Serroukh, J, Tee Falcone and Maria Pastor. In Anshu’s words, “we hope that their work will help you gain some new perspectives on their worlds, and yours.”

Omnibus regularly works with St Mungo’s, through Brian McClure’s (Omnibus Artist in Residence) art workshops at their Wellbeing Day and an annual Christmas theatre production performed in Omnibus’ theatre.

Homeless Diamonds remembers Anshu with gratitude and affection, and thanks his family for their continuing generous support for homeless people through the annual Anshu Asthana Memorial Exhibition, which will offer a platform for vulnerable people to display their talents and express their views.

Find out more about Anshu Asthana: www.mapart.net/anshu_asthana

To find out more about St Mungo’s and their Wellbeing Day, visit: www.mungos.org

Homeless Diamonds, a magazine about writing and art produced by people associated with St Mungo’s: www.homelessdiamonds.org.uk

You can donate to Homeless Diamonds and the Anshu Asthana Memorial Fund at https://www.globalgiving.co.uk/projects/anshu-asthana-memorial-fund/