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So, This is What Happened…

Thu 30 March, 7:30 pm

| £5

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Your stories told live.

Six storytellers each have ten-minutes to tell their extraordinary story. They’re poignant, funny, life affirming, cathartic and true. You could be a part of it if you have a story to tell.

Join us on the last Thursday of each month for this extraordinary evening with the power of words.

This months storytellers include…

Roddy Gye
Roddy has been a stockbroker, teacher, army reservist, engineer, photographer, outdoor pursuits leader, school governor, journalist, film maker, stage designer, charity trustee and quite a bit else. For the past forty years he has also run his own media technology company. Although now officially a pensioner, he is still trying to decide what to do when he grows up. He lives in Clapham and has been a volunteer with Omnibus since its inception, acting as a consultant to the Board of Trustees and as technical director.

Marc DuBois
Currently an independent humanitarian consultant/analyst/blogger, Marc worked in a variety of roles and countries with Médecins sans Frontières (1999 to 2014). Having grown up in suburban Philadelphia and earned an undergraduate degree in philosophy, Marc caught the international bug during two and a half years in rural Burkina Faso with the U.S. Peace Corps. He then zigged and zagged through graduate school (development studies), bartending, law school, writing, catering, public interest law and a fair amount of sitting on his ass. He still considers himself a better bartender than humanitarian, and has struggled to publish a few short stories dealing with aid workers in Africa. Marc is married to his former next door neighbour (a story he won’t tell) and has two children.

Lucy Hall
Lucy has two passions in life! She loves transformation and music! She helps women transform and heal their lives through life coaching and workshops. With her own inspirational story of healing and transformation, she knows what it is like to feel like change is impossible. But everything is possible. While as a singer/songwriter she has contributed to 3 albums from the Humaniversity Sound, a studio based in Holland.

Jeff Harding
Jeff has been an American actor in London since 1978, achieving the pinnacle of his career as Ed Winchester in the Fast Show, and now narrates audiobooks full time, with several hundred titles including the Jack Reacher series by Lee Child. Whenever possible, he tries to find the funny side, and hopes you find his tale amusing.

Sabrina Rahman
Sabrina is a true adventurer at heart. Her story begins after realising her job in finance was making her miserable. She took up yoga to deal with her job stress, and it was through this that she connected to her higher thinking and a thought “why does it have to be like this?” followed by the realisation “it doesn’t” So she quit! Since then, she qualified as yoga teacher, created public comedy & geek events, coached people, practiced martial arts, created mobile apps and travelled. Since leaving that job she has developed a range of valuable skills which makes people’s lives better. She believes the key to happiness in work is having the opportunity to grow, being challenged, and working with a great team.

Mark Fishlock
Mark is a songwriter and composer mainly working in the ELT sector, having previously written music for television, video, radio, advertising, library music and live events, including the show music for the first Mercury Music Prize. He has worked as a journalist and sound engineer, engineering the album Stakk Attack for the Worcestershire glam rock band Wrathchild and singles for Psychic TV, Patti Palladin and Dave Ball’s Other People.
Mark also wrote the script and produced the audio for the Ivor Novello Awards for 11 years.
He also plays bass in the David Bowie tribute band Pop-Up Bowie.