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So, This is What Happened…

Thu 26 January, 7:30 pm

| £5

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Your stories told live.

Six storytellers each have ten-minutes to tell their extraordinary story. They’re poignant, funny, life affirming, cathartic and true. You could be a part of it if you have a story to tell.

Join us on the last Thursday of each month for this extraordinary evening with the power of words.

This months storytellers include…

Alex Smith
Alex is the founder of South London Cares and North London Cares, sister community networks of young professionals and older neighbours tackling loneliness and bridging social, generational and attitudinal divides in our rapidly changing capital. The charities were originally launched amid rioting on London’s streets in 2011 – and have since grown from a small group of mates to a movement of 7,000 younger and older neighbours sharing time, laughter and new experiences. Alex previously worked in pubs, record shops, travel agents and schools and was an advisor to Ed Miliband. He was born and raised in Camden Town, which is a very different place from Clapham, but now loves north London and south London impartially.


Lynne Brackley
Lynne’s dream jobs when she was a child included flight attendant, interpreter, diplomat, Olympic ice dancer… she harbours a fantasy to this day that she will be called upon to land a 747 in an emergency. Child of the fifties, community activist, parent, performer, textile artist and linguist, Lynne’s actual resume makes her sound equally flaky. One has to be versatile these days. She has lived in Crouch End since 1984, when it was full of normal people, and has got involved in all the local campaigns for good, just and (as her children would say) ‘old people’ causes. A proper curtain twitcher, she’s the kind of person who puts a chair out on the pavement and chats to the passing neighbours with a brew and a bit of knitting. She has opted not to embrace mobile technology or social media, preferring multi-sensory input and chance encounters.

Anja Eichen
Anja is originally from Munich. She moved to London in January 1997 with the intention of staying for a year. Many thousand small everyday adventures and events have since distracted her from her original plan of moving back to Germany. She still feels extremely welcomed in the UK. About five years ago Anja found herself on a stage with four minutes to play with. She felt compelled to tell a story and subsequently fell in love with storytelling. Anja also loves everything to do with posture. The thing she most struggles with is sitting still.

Mac McDonald
Mac McDonald has been an Actor/Writer since 1969. His first professional job was playing “Bozo the Clown “for KTBS TV in Shreveport, Louisiana, which he co-wrote and produced. He was the “Human Jukebox” in Camden Lock and Covent Garden and “Mr. Mother’s Pride” on the London Comedy Circuit.As an Actor, Mac has appeared in over 70 films and Television dramas, including “Batman”, “Aliens”, “The Fifth Element” and “The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles” for Lucas films. He’s probably best known for playing “Captain Hollister” in “Red Dwarf”.He’s written six plays, including the “Time Out Award” winning “Houdini!” and collaborated on “Lust for Glorious” with Eddy Izzard and “The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2014: Animation” with Jack Price and he’s just finished his first Screenplay. His hobbies include making scale models of the Tokyo Skyline using only cheese and some string and yelling out of his window at people.

Alice Sanders
Alice is a writer and performer from London. She writes articles about heartbreak, therapy, sex and relationships, women in sports, and medical stuff amongst other things. She also writes comedy and stories. She improvises in several different comedy troupes; she can often be found telling an inappropriately personal monologue onstage in a room above a pub, or performing sketches with her friend Sarah. In her spare time she is meticulously watching Sarah Paulson’s entire back catalogue, drinking gin, and making children cry accidentally.

Univan Atas
Univan is a senior lecturer at the University of Westminster since 2010. He has worked in various educational institutions in the UK as well as North Cyprus. He was born and grew up in Cyprus. He loves traveling, art, museums, cooking and dancing. He used to be a professional folk dancer. He still enjoys dancing, particularly latin.He describes his relationship with London as “love and hate”.