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Rautio Piano Trio with TV Presenter Dallas Campbell

Sun 27 November 2016, 4:00 pm

| £12 | £10 concessions

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The pleasure of finding things out: an evening of science & music.

DallasCampellTV science presenter Dallas Campbell (City in the Sky, Supersized Earth), teams up with the Rautio Piano Trio in a special programme of science & music. Re-enacting famous scenes from historic TV documentaries such as The Ascent of Man (Bronowski), guest actors will play some of the world’s best known scientists in history, from Richard Feynman and Jacob Bronowski to Jane Goodall.


Dallas Campbell & Friends:

John Gorick, Jacqueline Haigh, Caroline Wildi

Rautio Piano Trio:

Jane Gordon violin
Victoria Simonsen cello
Jan Rautio piano


Richard Feynman ‘The Pleasure of Finding Things Out’ (BBC Horizon 1981) *
Philip Glass ‘Mad Rush’

Carl Sagan ‘Pale Blue Dot’ (NASA 1990) *
J.S. Bach Prelude from Partita in D minor

Jane Goodall ‘What Separates Us from Chimpanzees’ (TED 2007)*
Beethoven Archduke Trio in B flat Op.97: Adagio

Albert Hofmann ‘LSD: My Problem Child’ (1979)*
Ravel Piano Trio in A minor: Finale

Oppenheimer ‘Destroyer of Worlds’ (1945, Manhattan Project)*
J. Rautio ‘Voices in The Dark’ Part 4 & Part 5

Jacob Bronowski ‘Knowledge or Certainty’ (Ascent of Man 1973)*
Shostakovich Piano Trio Op.67




Running Time: 105 minutes