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Multimedia Exhibition: From Place to Place

Perception Festival

Mon 10 - Sun 16 Oct, 10am - 6pm

Omnibus Common Room

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Euphermeral map 2

E(u)ephemeral Map, a short film by Jana Pacheco and video artist Femke Fredrix

With each new travel experience the extent of the archive’s reach increases. As a result, we see an ever-evolving transformation of the human body. For this project Jana Pacheco and video artist Femke Fredrix focus on the human body as an archive of travel experiences and memories.








El Descanso (The Rest) and Where the clatter never ceases, photography by Pasqu Mulet Pedro

“El Descanso (The Rest)” deals with the human being’s inherent necessity to rest. Not only does the physical body need to, but the soul and mind too. No matter if the individual is rich or poor, immigrant or businessman, traveller or ironsmith.

“Where the clatter never ceases” shows the movement inside the traveller as constant. Two totally different reasons push people to “travel”: some for pleasure, others for primal necessity. However, everyone, regardless of social distinction, wants to get to the same place: home.