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Engine Room

Wed 24 May, 7:30 pm

| £5

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Four compelling theatre makers perform their new work in a special ‘And That’s Another Story’ edition of Engine Room.

See artists work across different art forms and explore shadow images, tell stories about the flowers referenced in Shakespeare and an adaptation of the compact history of infinity.
Putting you at the heart of the creative process, these artists want to hear what you think. Be part of the conversation.

Artists in this months Engine Room include…

Schutte the Unromantic by Katie Schutte

Schutte the Unromantic is Katy’s new storytelling stand-up comedy show coming to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2017.
A comic solo show written and performed by Katy Schutte (Happily Never After/Knightmare Live/Who Ya Gonna Call?). This is the story of her trying to find love despite freezing up at chocolates, serenades and thoughtful surprises. For the record, Katy is perfectly happy to put Baby in a corner.

Praise for Katy’s previous work:
“Hilarious” – Colin Mochrie, “Bloomin’ Marvellous” – David Schneider, “Brilliant!” – Matthew Holness.

Going to Mars by Amie Taylor

Amie has been a successful applicant of The Mars One Mission: a project which will soon be sending the first group of humans to colonise Mars.

As she embraces the rigorous training programme she is forced to revisit her past; which brings her to question if Mars is really right for her after all.

Everything and More by Joanna Taylor

Based on the book of the same name by David Foster Wallace, Everything and More is a brief look at the groundbreaking discovery by Georg Cantor that infinities exist in different sizes.

Go on a 20 minute electro acoustic musical journey through the genius yet troubled mind of Cantor, exploring the beauty and simplicity in infinity and the epic shift in mathematical thought that drove Cantor to the edge of insanity.

Bill and John by Rebecca Mays

It could be argued that in many of Shakespeare’s plays the flowers have been the inspiration for the writing.

There is a thought that William Shakespeare met and became friends with the Herbalist John Gerard in the early 1590’s. Gerard wrote with great knowledge and lyricism. Bill and John welcomes you into the wonderful world of Shakespeare’s Botany, introducing you to the plants that shaped the characters and the herbalist that perhaps inspired the words.

Running time: 120 minutes (including a 20 mins interval)