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Engine Room

Thu 19 January, 7:30 pm

| £5

Recommended for ages 14+

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Dynamic and talented theatre makers perform new work in front of an audience, often for the very first time. Engine Room puts you at the heart of the creative process – these artists want to hear what you think.

Be part of the conversation.

This month’s Engine Room features three different works, including award-winning poet and performer Amy Acre, theatre and documentary film from Kluane Saunders, and the darkly comic Alexandra Donnachie.

Insomniacs’ Sleepover by Amy Acre

Most of us aren’t very good at knowing what we want. But sometimes our bodies know before we do. Insomniacs’ Sleepover is a one woman play about that. Told in rhyme.

Award-winning poet and performer Amy Acre explores the truths that only come out at night, in a story about love, sex and sleep. Join her under the sheets for a nightscape of relaxation podcasts, sleep workshops and wet dreams.

Before the sun rises, we’ll have learnt how the amygdala works, to stop fighting ourselves and why love isn’t always the answer.

Lonely_City by Kluane Saunders

Lonely_City combines live theatre and documentary film elements onstage.  The piece investigates our modern loneliness epidemic by intertwining stories of people affected by loneliness with a healthy dose of sensitivity, humanity, and good humour.

When We Died by Alexandra Donnachie

She is a mortuary beautician. She loves her job and the short lived friendships and overblown back stories it allows her to form every day as she makes the deceased up, ready for their families to see them one last time. Until one day, a man she had no interest in ever seeing again becomes a client. He was a loving family man and died suddenly. He once sexually assaulted Her.

When We Died is an entertaining, bordering on harrowing story that aims to explore the unimaginable suffering of just one of many victims of unreported sexual abuse and the seemingly impossible task of trying to come to terms with their experience in order to move on.

About Alexandra Donnachie

Alexandra Donnachie is an actress and award nominated theatre maker who has worked in venues across the UK such as Battersea Arts Centre, Warwick Arts Centre and Hampstead Theatre. She has recently completed a run of her autobiographical show, 3 Years, 1 Week and a Lemon Drizzle which was created and is performed with her sister, Kate.

Running time: 120 minutes (including a 20 mins interval)