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Engine Room

Thu 15 September 2016, 7:30 pm

| £5

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An inspirational night of new performances from theatre-makers working across art forms and between genres.

We are programming for the next Engine Room on January 19. If you’re a theatremaker with an idea you’d like to develop, click here.

by Jemima Foxtrot

Harmony is award-winning spoken word artist Jemima Foxtrot’s new poetry play. In Harmony, Jemima fuses poetry and song in her unique voice to explore the many conflicting identities that inhabit us all, how these identities grow from experience, how they clash and harmonise.


Learning to Swim in the Abyss
by Stella Duffy

An experiment in live-making and death.

This is some work about death. Not the story about that person’s funeral or the anecdote about this person’s death, but the death we all live towards. Our own. Yours. Mine. This is not a show, not a scratch, not rehearsed, I am interested in seeing if it is possible to make live and mindfully, about death, in the room, in the moment.


Elephant & Castle
by Tom Adams

For the last two years I have been recording myself sleeping. This is because I sleep talk. I also sleep walk, grind my teeth in my sleep and my wife has to calm me down.

The smattering of recordings are the tip of the audio iceberg and will be the ingredients for my new show accompanied with a live soundtrack of vocals and guitar looped on my loop station. I will be collaborating with pianist and singer Lillian Henley, performer and composer with the 1927 Theatre Company. Writer and musician David Parkin will be Dramaturg.

It is called Elephant & Castle because one of the first things I said to Lillian in my sleep was, “I want to get in a cupboard and take you to Elephant & Castle.”


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Running Time: 2 hours