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We asked the lovely Leah to tell us about what it’s like to do Work Experience at Omnibus Theatre…

My name is Leah and I’ve been doing work experience at Omnibus Theatre for a week. I currently go to Lambeth Academy. Omnibus Theatre has been a very inviting place which has opened up my eyes as to what I want to do in the future. It is located in Clapham Common, where the old library used to be. When people say never judge a book by its cover, take notes! I first judged the whole idea of working in a theatre that was originally a library. In my first opinions I thought it was going to be completely undeveloped with books scattered everywhere- waiting to be replaced but I was completely wrong. Omnibus Theatre is a warm, welcoming place with staff that are caring despite not knowing who you are. I even thought I would be treated differently due to the fact I’m a secondary school student, again… I was wrong. I recommend visiting Omnibus Theatre.

On my first day I had to research ‘Michael Faraday’, a British chemist and physicist scientist. My first impression was “Great. Learning.” Obviously sarcastic. Yet again, I was proven wrong because those facts made me really question “If Michael Faraday never existed, would the modern technology I use today even exist?” I went home that Monday questioning my brother and obviously he knew nothing about the scientist, which made me seem extremely smart. I can’t wait to go back to school and question the science teachers. However, I really wish this work experience didn’t have to come to an end.

On my second day I was helping the most amazing catering person ever, Sally! Sally gave me an insight as to what a cafe/bar looks like when it first opens up; honestly it was a completely new experience for me. Even the washing up was new for me. I was delighted to work beside someone as hard-working as Sally and it really did make me feel more welcomed with the Omnibus Theatre.

On day three, I was continuing with the work I did on Monday. Again researching but the more I researched the more interesting facts I discovered. Did you know Michael Faraday was inspired by the book ‘Conversations of Chemistry’? I was even part of the Omnibus Theatre meeting. To know what everyone’s role is, gave me an idea as to what kind of role I may enjoy. What made the theatre more welcoming is the cats that seem to stroll pass me every now and then, during our meeting- they even took part to share what they’ve been up to.

Overall, I really enjoyed working at the Omnibus Theatre and my 5 top tips for anybody considering having work experience is:

1. Use the dishwasher when it comes to washing up!
2. When there’s work, set yourself a time you determine to finish at.
3. The quicker you finish, the quicker lunch arrives.
4. Don’t just research basic facts, find the juicy ones!
5. Ask questions, because the more information you know from what you need to do will benefit massively.

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