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Our Actors Alive Jack Petchey Winner Lara tells us all about her recent trip to the Globe

Hi! My name is Lara, and I was the winner of the 2016 Jack Petchey award. If you win the award, your drama group gets some money, and the winner gets to decide what to spend it on. I chose to spend it on a behind the scenes trip to the Globe Theatre and this is what we did there.

Our tour guide was the Technical Director of the theatre. We first went up to “heaven” which is a space above the stage, with a trap door which many actors have been lowered through. After that we went down to an area where some props were being stored and entered a huge lift that took us down to the stage. We went up to ‘Juliet’s balcony’ and saw down onto the stage. It was easy to imagine how terrifying it would be to perform there! We went on to the stage and delivered some famous lines from Shakespeare.

Globe Benches

The scariest thing we did was go down to ‘Hell’, which is the space underneath the stage. It was extremely cramped and claustrophobic, but seeing the trapdoor and sticking our heads out was probably the highlight of the trip. Next, we went to see the costume and prop stores. They were both piled high with strange items, some costing hundreds of pounds! We were allowed to try on some hats and see how we looked, and also got to pick up two different swords. They were extremely heavy and luckily not sharp, but our tour guide said that if you sharpened the blade, it would be exactly like the kinds of swords they had in the Elizabethan times!

Hat Globe

I really enjoyed the trip to the Globe, and I think everyone else did too. I am definitely very happy with the way I chose to spend the money, and I can’t wait to do our production of Romeo and Juliet this March.



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