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Pasqu Mulet Pedro was born in Gata de Gorgos (Spain). When he was 14 years old, he was given his first camera from his great uncle, an unorthodox priest. This was the start of a so far never ending addiction: travel. He is the photographer of El Descanso (The Rest) and Where the clatter never ceases for Perception Festival: Voyage.

Where are you from?

I am from a small village near the Mediterranean Sea called Gata de Gorgos, in Alicante province.

How did you come to be an artist?

Rather than an artist I consider myself a constant searcher – of forms, shapes, colors, shades and textures. I started doing landscape photography when I was in Norway as an Erasmus student studying development and political economy. Working as a volunteer teacher in Bolivia I focused myeyes and lenses more towards portraits, social and street photography. From then on I have always felt more attracted to human beings as a subject. It’s peculiar because I highly enjoy and appreciate being by myself.

What has inspired you to create this series of work?

I have always had a deep necessity for exploring other countries and cultures. I often feel compelled to stroll through narrow alleys, crowded, smelly and colourful markets. In 2016 I was fortunate enough to visit India and Thailand. I tried to immortalize two faces of the people I met on my travels, considered opposed but inherent to each other: one being the need for resting the body, mind and soul, and the other the necessity the human being has for moving around. Either by imposition or by pleasure, people travel, people commute, people search.

Who is your favourite artist and why?

Tough question. Okay, if I must choose one right now, it would be Harry Callahan. His style of photography is not similar to mine, however I am fascinated by his sharpness and delicacy. Geometry and light become his friends, he plays with them freely. The three of them are dancing the same tune and, suddenly, something clicks. The result is full of meaning.

What would you say to any young people hoping or wishing to create work themselves?

Read. Read a lot of books. As a book seller and a culture fan, I would strongly recommend to always push your limits a little bit. Try to read some new writer every month. Try to discover new cinema directors. Get astonished by unknown music. And, of course, get out of your comfort zone. It always will be there waiting for you, so why not take the risk of exploring other points of view and ways of living?

Pasqu’s photography series ‘El Descanso (The Rest)’ and ‘Where the clatter never ceases’ will be on display at Omnibus during Perception Festival: Voyage in October. See the full programme here.  


Perception Festival: Voyage

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