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July 2016

Crowd of Identities / Faces of War by Alice Irwin

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Omnibus is pleased to present a new exhibition by local artist and fine art printmaker Alice Irwin, running from 30 June – 27 July.

Alice has recently graduated from City and Guild London Art School, where she studied Fine Art and found a love for printmaking. She was recently awarded the Norman Ackroyd Etching Award. In September, Alice will be going on to study Printmaking at the Royal College of Art. She has had a recent work displayed in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, and has exhibited at the Bankside Gallery and The Mall Gallery. She was runner up in The Anthony Dawson Young Printmakers Award in 2015, and received the Charitable Art Trust Award in 2014.

In her work, Alice Irwin aims to portray what makes us human, and what makes us individual. Her art has a focus on the face, as she believes they document our personalities and record our complex journey through life. She is also interested in the eyes – instinct makes us fixate on the eyes, which draws us deeper into our personalities and our souls.

Alice Irwin 3

Eye contact is powerful: eyes reveal emotions and identity. Irwin creates hybrid multi-layered etchings and drawings as our beings are built in layers. By layering one face upon another she creates a complex web of line and form and combines separate images to create a mass of faces. Etching is key to this process. The physical building up of layers to the plate corresponds with the way we build up our lives, layer by layer.

Alice Irwin’s images are two-dimensional; incorporating the understanding of the images adds another dimension. She encourages you to empathise with the faces, and take time to interact and image. Irwin wants to encourage this brief moment by surrounding you with these faces.

This exhibition contains two separate projects; artworks on canvases are from the Crowd of Identities series, and framed prints are from Faces of War.

Square Eyes by Sarah ‘Kenikie’ Palmer

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Omnibus is proud to present our latest art exhibition by young London artist Sarah ‘Kenikie’ Palmer.

Square eyes defines someone who is watching too much television. Instead of spending time outside of the home, people now spend more time relaxing inside the home in front of the television. The exhibition ‘Square Eyes’ shows a series of paintings that examine Sarah’s uneasiness with entertainment television and attempt to expose the TV as a mirror, reflecting the isolation and ennui of the habitual watcher. Her work is evocative of a prolonged watching, and the desire to not miss a moment, entirely captivated by a glowing screen.

Sarah describes Square Eyes by explaining, “I consider the way in which we suffer simultaneously from a fascination with alluring TV images, and a chronic separation from their aspirational ideals. The televisual reality is better than our reality: more exciting and more glamorous. It is a veritable Hyperreality that threatens to replace our reality with its own.”


Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 10.59.02 AM

Exhibitions like Sarah’s are unique and important to our society. Through her art, Sarah carefully blends the reality of the culture we have become with the consequences. Square Eyes provides insight into greater issues our society faces such as the rapid expansion of technology through the internet, texting, and social media.

Sarah ‘Kenikie’ Palmer graduated from Wimbledon College of Art in 2014. Sarah has showcased her work across locations in London and Lancaster. Since 2014, she was nominated for Saatchi New Sensations, shortlisted for the Works in Print Art Graduates Prize and participated in the Clyde & Co Art Awards.

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