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April 2015

OMNIBLOGS Visual Arts Team at St Mungos: ‘Born To Shine Collective’

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On Friday 27th March Brian and Charlie from Omnibus became part of the ‘Born to Shine Collective’ for a day of performances and workshops at the St Mungo’s Broadway client fair at Conway Hall.

St Mungo’s Broadway provides a bed and support to more than 2,500 people a night who are either homeless or at risk, and works to prevent homelessness.

Omnibus Visual Arts has worked in partnership with St Mungo’s Broadway by running weekly art workshops at the Well-being Centre in Wix’s Lane Clapham since the beginning of 2014.

We set up a craft stall using wire and coloured tissue paper and lolly sticks to make small colourful sculptures.

This is how it worked:

1. You take a stick, a lolly stick or a piece of twig in one hand and about half a meter of thin gauge wire in the other.

2. Choose a subject such as a flower, animal or insect. Examples are on show to help illustrate the idea.

3. Wind one end of the wire round the stick to anchor it and make a loop of wire to represent a wing or a petal and wind it round the stick again.

4. Continue this process until your sculpture is complete as a wire frame.

5. Cut out pieces of tissue paper slightly larger than the wing/petal and very carefully paste it into position using a brush and white school glue 50/50 with water, securing it by overlapping at the edges.

6. Turn it over and cover the other side of the wing/petal in the same way.

7. Continue in this way until all the parts of the sculpture are covered.

8. Let it dry.

On the day our customers produced butterflies, cats, a lizard and a rhinoceros.

All from wire and tissue paper.


Bob Kingdom’s Q&A – Truman Capote Talk Show

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Bob Kingdom is returning to Omnibus with The Truman Capote Talk Show. For more info click here.

We got in touch with Bob to find out all about it!


What drew you to Truman Capote as a subject for a show?

His voice and mannerisms i knew i could achieve and that’s what excites me about becoming somebody else. And i love his writing of course.

How did you go about researching the role?

You read as much as you need to and then using your own instinct imagine you are him sitting down and writing a play about himself.

How do you think the cult of celebrity has evolved since the 1950s and 60s?

Well it seems to get more and more important as people seem happy to lose their own sense of identity. It’s easier for other people to do it for you.

Your show has received some fantastic reviews. Do you tend to read reviews when you’re performing in a show or do you prefer to avoid them?

I start reading a review and if it’s not a good one i stop. I’m a coward. But its only one person’s opinion not a whole newspaper.

You’ve performed at Omnibus before. As a new arts venue, how did you find the experience of performing there?

Yes i did a show there last year and really enjoyed it. Intimate and appreciative audience.